Custom Acrylic Display Covers and Brass ID Plates for Elecraft KX1, K1, K2, K3, KX3, P3 and KPA500 Radios and Accessories, Hexkey and other equipment, plus the NIFTY KX3 Personalized Stand (NEW)

by Arkay Engravers Associates LLC & Ken WB2ART

Elecraft KX1 Brass Plate
KX1 Brass Plate
Elecraft K1 Brass Plate
K1 Brass Plate
K2 Brass Plate
K2 Brass Plate
K3 Brass Plate
K3 Brass Plate
Brass Plate for Hexkey & etc.
Brass Plate for Hexkey & other equipment
K1 Acrylic Bezel
K1 Acrylic Bezel
K2 Acrylic Bezel
K2 Acrylic Bezel
K3 Acrylic Bezel
K3 Acrylic Bezel
P3 Acrylic Bezel
P3 Acrylic Bezel
KX3 Acrylic Bezel
KX3 Acrylic Bezel
KX3 Brass Plate
KX3 Brass Plate
NIFTY KX3 Personalized Stand
NIFTY KX3 Personalized Stand

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Samples of Customer Plates


Brass ID plates for K1, K2, K3, KX1, KX3, KPA500, P3 - $5.50 each.
Brass ID plates for Hexkey (and other equipment) w/callsign - $3.50 each. [brass plates are ½" x 2" ,adhesive backed]

Acrylic Display Covers (Bezels) for K1 and K2 - $12.00 each plus shipping.
Acrylic Display Covers (Bezels) for K3 and KPA500 - $16.00 each plus shipping.
Acrylic Display Covers (Bezels) for P3 - $19.00 each plus shipping.
Acrylic Display Covers (Bezels) for KX3 - $23.00 each plus shipping

Callsign available filled in white, red, yellow, orange or blue (epoxy inks).
You can send your stand to me for engraving, $22 for callsign and return UPS ground shipping.
I can also custom engrave the stand, email me for a quote.
Please note: I am not selling any other products (mini-manuals) from Nifty.

Callsigns with '0' will be supplied with the (slashed zero) unless you let me know you do not want it.

Chart for engraving color for acrylic plates.


Shipping to the US is $6.50 Priority Mail (small box).
Priority Mail International is $24.00 (small box).


I can change the engraving on the brass plates to “Built by', Built for', 'Upgraded by' etc. Just let me know what you want by email.

Engraving on the acrylic plates can also be (almost) whatever you want.

No extra charges for this service.

If you are only ordering brass plates, shipping charges are $2.50 to the Continental USA,
$7 to Canada and Mexico and $9 to International locations.
I do not ship acrylic plates in envelopes! (You will need to pay for Priority mail!)
There is only 1 shipping charge for multiple items, under 1 pound, shipped at the same time (So if you order multiple acrylic or brass plates shipped to the same address, only one shipping charge applies).


Payment address is ken (AT) arkayengravers (DOT) com. Paypal no longer requires you to have a Paypal account to pay with a credit card.

I can email you a Paypal Invoice, which will make the payment process much easier.


Arkay Engravers Associates LLC accepts VISA and MasterCard. You may call (631) 467-7795 (Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm) with credit card info, fax it to (631) 467-8310 or email it to ken (AT) arkayengravers (DOT) com. Make sure to include the name on card, address, cc number, expiration date and ccv number. If you pay by personal check, make the check out to Arkay Engravers Associates LLC.

If you are sending a US POST OFFICE or INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER, PLEASE make it payable to Ken Kaplan.


Arkay Engravers Associates LLC., 493 Johnson Ave Ste 12F, Bohemia, NY 11716-2611


wb2art (AT) arkayengravers (DOT) com


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