Assistance with ordering engraved tiles and getting quotes

Blank tiles are not in stock. You must obtain the blank tiles and forward them to: Ken Kaplan  c/o Arkay Engravers Associates LLC,   493 Johnson Ave Ste 12F,    Bohemia, NY  11716

Prices and quotes can be obtained by contacting ken (at) You can attach a graphic file representation of what you would like engraved, or reference a tile on the web page.

**** (11/1/2007) Cost for 8 tiles engraved with name only is $40.00, plus UPS ground shipping charges. Please contact me for shipping charges to your location, or check, for charges for 1 pound from 11716. Then enclose a check (made out to Arkay Engravers) with your tiles.

We now accept credit card payments for engraved tiles. Please email ken[at] for information. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

If ordering names only, please indicate the style you prefer. Block lettering (upper case)  at an angle is the most popular. Script (upper case first letter, and lower case for all following letters) also works fine. There are many other type fonts to choose from (i.e.: serif and sans serif fonts).

Fill colors can be almost any color. Most popular are gold, silver, black red, blue and green. Most Pantone colors can be matched, but additional charges may apply. PLEASE NOTE: Some tiles are very porous. The certain colors MAY stain the tile. This can only be determined when the tiles are filled. Epoxy inks are used to fill the tiles, so the colors will last as long or longer than the original tiles. These epoxy inks cannot be easily removed, so changes in color are difficult (after they are filled).

Designs on tiles can be created from scanned and e-mailed artwork. Engraving tiles missing from sets is also possible if blanks to match the set can be provided. Please remember many of the sets have complicated and colorful graphics, so cost may be prohibitive.

Delivery is usually within 2 weeks or less. Shipments can be made by UPS (insured) or USPS (priority mail, not insured). Insurance for USPS mail can be purchased.


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