Note 1: I have had some problem with tile 'staining'. I use epoxy inks to 'fill in' the engraving. This gives a permanent color in the lettering or symbol engraved on the tile. Many of the tiles I am are supplied are porous. This means the ink will stain the surface of the tile surrounding the lettering or symbol. It many happen with 1 or more tiles out of a set of eight. Or it may not happen at all. I cannot predict by looking at the tiles if they will be stained by the filling process. Sometimes the stain can be polished out, but there is a lot of time invested. I cannot give refunds on tiles that are stained. I will try my best to polish them and improve the look before I ship them.

Note 2: Recently, I've had some tiles that revealed small surface cracks AFTER they were engraved and filled. This is a problem I cannot predict. I will return the tile, with a short note as to the problem. My suggestion is to return the defective tile (where you purchased it) and ask for a replacement. Usually I will re-engrave the replacement tile at no charge.

Note 3: Certain 'custom' tiles are not available for sale. Email me if you have any questions to: ken (at)



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